Easy Grip

Easy Grip

Skill Definition

Encompasses the abilities required to control the smaller muscles of the body generally found in the hands.

Child’s Benefit

A crucial ability required to experience and learn about the world. As example, holding a pencil, crayon or fork requires basic fine motor skills.

Color Window Blocks

  • Item # 726035
  • Age 12m+
  • 12 Pieces

Large sized candy-colored block with center window of soft tinted film for extra style and fun.

Lightweight easy-to-handle pieces invite little fingers to pick up and move around safely for excellent creative play

$ 21.99



4 squares

3 rectangles

3 triangles

2 circles

Packaging Dimensions:

21x21x24 cm

8.3x8.3x9.5 inches

Easy pieces for toddlers to handle, stack and balance

Encourages creative play

Durable, washable, safe