Imaginative Wood

Imaginative Wood

Child development experts and parents agree that play is an important part of developing important life skills including socialization, fine and gross motor skills, and promoting a child’s imagination.

For more than 35 years, our toys have incorporated high educational values while supporting a child’s healthy social and emotional development.

Always true to its mission of viewing the world through a child’s eyes, we have launched an expanded collection of new wooden toys. These durable toys are ideal for encouraging imaginative play and supporting logic and reasoning.

Unlike its plastic and often electronic counterpart, wooden toys allow children to use their own reasoning skills when deciding what to create, how to build, and what comes next.

Wooden toys also have an advantage when developing fine motor skills and working with sensory issues. The heavier materials used to create wooden toys allow children to be more aware of the size and shape of the objects that they are playing with at that moment.

“We are very excited about this new collection of wooden toys. They have many skill-building benefits and also have a special level of nostalgia that parents love. Often similar toys have been passed down to the next generation or they are playtime favorites at grandma’s house. Edushape has had a lot of positive feedback to its line of wooden puzzles and we are looking forward to a positive response to this new collection,” says Erez Zitelny, EVP at Edushape USA.